About Us

The Fiternity philosophy is simple. Make wellness accessible to everyone.

No one size fits all. So, whether you’re a hard-hitting cross-fitter or you’re somebody who’s simply looking for a place to stretch after your fifth burger of the week, we’ve got you covered. We do the hard work, scouring the health and fitness scene for the best in the industry, so you can access everything in one place. It’s never been easier to get involved in wellness.

Meet Stephanie

Fiternity was founded by Stephanie Fujarczuk with the intention of making wellness easy and accessible. In 2015, Stephanie had taken a break from her practise as a corporate litigator, had just completed her third degree at university, and was enjoying a brief stint as a consultant. She was far from your typical green-juice-drinking, yoga-mat-toting Londoner. But after some health issues arose, she knew that she had to make some drastic changes to her health and overhaul her lifestyle.

The Concept

Once Stephanie untangled all that London’s wellness scene had to offer she saw a unique community with opportunities to fit everyone – and she was excited to share her findings with as many people as possible. Living a healthy life shouldn’t be complex, confusing, and all consuming. That’s where Fiternity comes in.

Fiternity makes living well easy

The concept and our mission is not to make wellness the centre of your world, but to make it an easy addition to your everyday life.

Fiternity will add an extra bit of health and a touch of fitness into your life. We believe wellness is a feeling, not a physical metric like the weight on the bar or dress size. That’s why we focus on the benefits and positivity that comes from being well.