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Get fermented off your face at Kultured’s new pop-up

Fermented stuff is everywhere and it’s not stopping at cabbage and cucumbers. It’s all about taking your fav dish and jazzing it up with fermented goodies to help your gut. That’s the basis for a brand new pop-up at Soho’s 21 Great Windmill Street.

Credit: Kultured

The former townhouse has been transformed by the fermenting folks, Kultured for a pop-up like no other. They are serving up their own kombucha, sharing plates of fermented foods. Even their tonic is fermented for an extra healthy G&T. But it’s not just an ordinary G&T, they do boujee cocktails like mulberry gin with dark chocolate ganache. Extra cocktails to match your extra personality after you’ve had five of them.

To match the cocktails, the Kultured team has created a menu incorporating a whole host of fermented foods for brunch, lunch, dinner, and bar snacks. Kimcheese (yes, we spent that right), jalapeño kraut slaw, fermented chili, you name it, it is a part of their dishes. You’ve got until the end of May to get down there and taste their fermented delights!