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The best vegan burgers in London

3.5 million people are now vegan, plant-based spots are shooting up everywhere, supermarkets are reporting a surge in sales of vegan-friendly food. Basically, veganism is poppin’.

We’re not going to get all #ethical on you. All we want to do is show you where to get a decent vegan burger. So, whether you want a dirty faux-meat burger or a wholesome ‘n’ fresh bean burger, we’ve got it here.

Temple of Seitan

All hail Seitan. This diner-esque joint is a hangover vegan’s paradise. Chick’n wigs? Check. Dirty fires? Check. Amazing burger? CHECK. Choose between five banging burgers and then add your sides. It’s cheezy, filthy, and so bloody good.


Credit: byCHLOE

London’s latest chic vegan spot is second our list of best burgers. They only have two burger options, The Classic and the Guac, but sometimes less is more. These two are healthier than those at Temple of Seitan but they are still indulgent enough to make you feel a lil naughty. Hell, just order both of them and tuck in.


Another healthy joint on the list, Farmacy’s wants food to be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Don’t expect to eat a burger and cure your cold, but it will certainly perk you up thanks to its fresh veggie, millet, and black bean patty. Served up with garlic aioli, goji ketchup, avocado, pickles, tomato & potato chips served in a sourdough vegan bun. You had me at garlic aioli.


Credit: Mildreds 

It’s no secret that Mildreds does some top-quality food. Now located in North, West, and East (come on, Mildreds, the South needs it now!) you’re never too far from this vegan haven. While the menu changes at each location, you’re always guaranteed a decent burger. Our fav? Their chicken burger is so good that meat-eaters will definitely think it’s real.