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Wake up and smell the coffee at these cafes

When Monday morning rolls around again, there is nothing you desire more than a hot cup of Joe. Nowadays there are Starbucks, Costas, and Prets littered around every street. While the big chains have their uses, they lack a certain amount of love and care when making a coffee. Not to mention their overwhelming menu of drinks that often have little to no coffee in (we’re looking at you, Frostino).That’s why we’ve put together a list of independent coffee shops we think you should check out next time you need your caffeine fix.

KIN Cafe

Run by a father & son team, KIN Cafe is a Scandinavian inspired spot where you can get a wholesome brekkie with your coffee. With an ever-changing menu, you can never be sure what you might discover. One thing that is always consistent is their coffee. Using Clifton Coffee Roasters, KIN dish out specialty coffee in a cosy setting. A good book + a slice of KIN cake + coffee = 💜

Nectar Cafe

This super-hip cafe is located just inside Triyoga’s Camden studio. Not only do they serve great coffee – a ginger, turmeric, curcumin, long pepper and black pepper resin latte, anyone? – but they also have an impressive menu of smoothies, teas, and nectars. Try their Wake Me Up (Before You Go Go) Frappucchino Smoothie, a frap styled smoothie packed full of goodies. Get one of their gluten-free and vegan doughnuts for good measure too!

Deliciously Ella

With three locations, there is even more opportunity to grab a coffee and cake at Deliciously Ella’s delis. Our fav is the Deliciously Ella at Seymour Place. The deli is bright, light, and filled with fresh treats! This cafe is best suited to grab and go coffee. While there is ample seating, Deliciously Ella is a busy little cafe so it is not an ideal place to curl up all afternoon. Nevertheless, the food is great, the staff are friendly and it’ll make you want to pop back ASAP for your next Matcha Latte!

Rude Health Cafe

This colourful hot spot in Fulham is owned by milk alternative bigwigs, Rude Health. As you can expect, they make coffee with just about any milk alternative. Cashew, almond, coconut, oat, you name it, they’ve got it. As such, Rude Health Cafe is a haven for dairy-free coffee lovers. Don’t fancy a coffee? No problem, they do a fun range of drinks with no coffee like their beetroot latte, Spirulina latte, and charcoal latte. You’ll love it a latte (#sorrynotsorry).

Little H

This double-tap worthy cafe uses local ingredients to create their food with tasty coffee to compliment. Their beans are from Monmouth Coffee Company who specialise in sourcing and roasting from organic beans. Expect a simple yet fulfilling selection of coffees, perfect for mornings when you can barely say your own name before your first sip.