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5 ways to recover from a festivals

The UK has a huge festival culture. When May rolls around, it’s time to dust off your sparkly wellies, shove on some glitter, and pull some serious shapes in the sun/rain. Whether you’re a seasoned festival veteran or just a humble first-timer, we’ve found some ways to help you recover after a couple days of being bad to your bod.


We get it, no one wants to exercise after 3 days of dancing so hard you’ve hurt your shoulder a bit, but we PROMISE it will make you feel better. Start with a little jog for 10 minutes if you really can’t face any more.

Don’t Detox

By detox, we mean only eating salads. Your body needs nourishment after a heavy weekend, fuel it with good food: veggies, tea, pulses, and beans. Those things give you energy without the slump. Even better, eat mini-meals more frequently to help keep your metabolism moving.

Get off Instagram

There are two annoying things that happen after a festival: you want to go back straight away, and the constant reminder that you’re not there by looking at pictures of the festival on Insta. You can do something about the latter, so get off the ‘gram and do your washing. Let’s face it, you need to after wearing the same clothes for 3 days.

Take Vitamins

Move over multi-vit, you need something must stronger. Take a trip to your local Holland and Barrett and get yourself some B12. It helps boost energy levels and is great for brain health. While you’re there, get some vitamin c, magnesium to replenish minerals, and zinc to boost your immunity.


This is the last step for a reason. While it’s probably not going to help you a ton, a decent face mask will make you feel a bit more relaxed. Hell, shove on a hair mask while you’re at it and make it a party! Okay, maybe not a party quiet yet, you’re still recovering after all.