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Meet Serena Oppenheim, Founder of Good Zing

We sat down with Serena Oppenheim, the creator of the online wellness library of health tips, Good Zing. We got to know her better so you could too!

Tell us about Good Zing and how it came about.
Good Zing is a wellness library of health tips, irrespective if they are home remedies or what a doctor says. It’s a platform of everyday solutions to everyday health problems. The idea came about after a meal with my family and friends. A lot of the conversation was around topics like, ‘what should we do for our babies teething’, and ‘what’s the best sunburn remedy?’. Responses were often met with, ‘does that really work?’. I had what can only be described as a lightbulb moment!

What is your dream for Good Zing?

We want to be the go-to place for people who want tips for their different everyday health issues, from flu to FOMO. What we have now is just the start. We’re adding to our over 2000 health tips, that span across 180 topics. My dream is that what people think of Trip Advisor for hotels, they will think of Good Zing for health tips!

What has been the most exciting bit about running Good Zing?

Taking an idea and translating it to hand drawings, then a full business plan, then a full tech platform, and now seeing how all of that has evolved according to user feedback.

What has been the most challenging bit?

The journey has been long, relentless and I have learned a lot about myself and the industry. The most challenging part is that even when you hit a target, it’s just one step to the final destination. It’s hard to take the time to be happy with your achievements as you’re always looking to grow.

What is your personal wellness philosophy?

My personal wellness philosophy is the same as the Good Zing philosophy: what works for one person isn’t necessarily going to work for another.

Where are your favourite spots to refuel in London?

We are so lucky in London with all our amazing café and restaurant options. For breakfast, my go-to places are Granger and Farm Girl. Both always have a great atmosphere, delicious food and so many options I want to pick from. The only problem is how popular they are!

For lunch, I have to say Squirrel, the quality of the ingredients is better than any other salad bar I have found in London. Even better is that I can get it on Deliveroo and so on busy days, I don’t even have to leave my office!

Credit: Good Zing

What inspires you to stay fit and healthy?

Fit and healthy means different things to different people. For me, being fit and healthy is key but I am not in anyway a gym bunny. I don’t really do exercise classes or go the gym. I prefer to go for walks. However, there is one class I am addicted to – a Beyoncé dance class held by one of our experts, Ali Trousdale from Fit and Flexi. It’s so much fun, you come out feeling like you have done a great workout but also just danced the night away. A must-try for anyone!

The biggest thing that drives me is Wellness as opposed to Sickness. I have had 9 operations, had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and have Fibromyalgia. I’ve also dealt with a whole host of minor issues. I use a lot of the tricks I find on Good Zing to help me, from dietary tips to help my energy levels to mind tricks to help boost concentration levels.

What are your top tips for people looking to live a more wellness-conscious life?

Just be yourself, listen to your body and mind, understand that it is different from everyone else’s. It’s so easy to be influenced by what you see on social media or what your friends are doing but at the end of the day the key is just listening to your body and recognising what it needs.

Would you share any hidden gems you’ve found in the wellness space?

One of my favourite new finds is the book Happy Kitchen by Rachel Kelly and Alice Mackintosh (who just joined Good Zing as an expert). What I love about this book is it uses nutritional science to help people understand that what you eat can have a huge impact on your mental health, an area that is not often talked about.

Another product I am really excited about is PsycApps. It was founded by Silja Litvin, a well-known psychologist with a focus on depression. As soon as I discovered it I stalked Silja to join Good Zing as an expert! The app is fantastic, not only does it help users, or family members identify their triggers and depression but it also helps them get good quality professional help, and fast. It’s a fantastic resource and well worth checking out.