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How to make meditation work for you

The benefits of meditation have been widespread for thousands of years. It reduces stress, increases concentration, increases happiness and even slows the ageing process. So why doesn’t everyone practice the age-old technique? Well, as we know life can get in the way of taking care of ourselves. But, there is hope. You can make meditation work for you with these few tricks.

Stimulate the Senses

Look, we get it, meditating can be a bit boring sometimes especially when you can’t get in the zone. Stimulating the senses can not only get in you the zone but also make meditating more interesting. Grab your oil burner and add a few drops of refreshing eucalyptus or play a new album you want to listen to, just make sure it doesn’t have too many lyrics!

Start Small

The hardest part about meditation is making the time to practice it. To combat this, dedicate just one minute during your morning and evening commute to meditate. Sit quietly, close your eyes, and listen to your breathing. It’s only 2 minutes every day but those two minutes will undoubtedly help calm you before and after a stressful day at work.

Get an App

Don’t be put off if you’ve already tried a meditation app, not all of them are built the same. You need to find the one that works with you and your mind. There is, of course, Headspace which supports many people in their practice but why not try a lesser known one such as 10% Happier, Smiling Mind, or Simply Being.

Don’t Make it a Challenge

The goal of meditation if not to become good at it; there is no competition element in meditation. Instead, it is about being present in the moment and accepting whatever the experience is, whether it is good or bad. Don’t get annoyed if your mind starts to wander during your practice. It’s natural and normal. Just re-focus your attention and continue.

Be Kind to Yourself!

As we’ve mentioned, life often gets in the way of creating positive habits so don’t be disheartened if you had a few days or week off from meditating. Your practice should encourage you to show more love to your mind and body so don’t undo all that hard work by being hard on yourself. Just start practising again as soon as you can.