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Whatever your mood, there’s a podcast for that

Everyone loves a good poddy. Thanks to Serial, the podcast boom is in full swing. But, there seems to be a lot of podcasts floating around that are, well, a bit rubbish. As a great philosopher meme once said, “Starting a podcast is this generations starting a band”. There are lots of them but most of them have poor sound quality and little future #sorrynotsorry. To cut through the noise (pun intended) we curated a list of poddy’s that will suit whatever mood you’re in. So, how are you feeling?

Credit: Song Exploder


Learning about the story behind a song can make you appreciate it more. That’s what Song Exploder aims to do; get musicians to take apart their songs and piece by piece tell the story of how they were made. Artists include Jon Hopkins, Lorde, Alt-J,  Solange, and many more. Over the course of 20 minutes, host Hrishikesh Hirway joins the artist to explore their thought process as they created their track. It’s insightful, interesting, and leaves you with a whole new understanding of how your fav songs get made.


Is your makeup DID? Are you feeling FIERCE? Then honey, listen to Natch Beaut. Host Jackie J speaks 100 miles an hour about all things skincare and makeup. Expert guests drop makeup tips, tricks, and must-have products to help you level-up your beauty game. Jackie’s focus is always on getting bang for your buck so don’t expect mention of La Mer. It’s all about being a natural beauty, preferably cruelty-free, with any type of budget.

Credit: wbur 


One of the most beautiful podcats out there is Modern Love – the New York Times podcast version of their weekly essays that explore the joys and tribulations of love. We’re not going to lie, we’ve fully cried while doing the washing up to this podcast. Each episode is wildly different but it all focuses on one thing; love. So, whether you’re looking to have a good weep or someone to cheer you up with a joyful tale of romance, this podcast is for you.


Politics is dry. Luckily, Homosensual, Bryan Safi, and Feminasty, Erin Gibson, are making light of it all with their podcast, Throwing Shade. Over the course of an hour, listen to the duo discuss LGBTQ and female issues with humor, animation, and a few skits thrown in for good measure. Don’t be fooled, this it’s just a comedy podcast – these two know what they are talking about and are deeply passionate about equality. It’s like having a political chat with two mates over mimosas – funny, informative, and by the end of it, you feel like you’ve put the world to rights.

Credit: Better Friendship Through Podcasting


Sometimes you want to listen to two pals chat about nothing. If it’s audio comfort food you’re looking for then listen to Better Friendship Through Podcasting. Buzzfeed alumni Adam Ellis and friend Kristin Rossi who work together stay after hours and talk about stuff over a handful of cocktails. The convos are silly and the duo’s friendship is even sillier. Buckle up for an hour and a half on a true whirlwind podcast.