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Practice tips to help cut down on alcohol

We know it’s November but let’s be honest it’s nearly Christmas which can only mean one thing – overindulgence. During the Winter months, it’s pretty hard to hide from mince pies, office parties, and, most importantly, booze. But there are ways to avoid the stuff without being a total buzzkill. Here are some practical tips that’ll help you put down the plastic flute of Cava during Chrimbo season.

Start small

If you’re a regular, or even semi-regular, drinker quitting cold turkey is unlikely to work. Instead, give yourself an easy start. No drinking on Mondays and Thursday, for example. Once you get yourself into a bit of a routine add a few more no-drink days. Not only will you cut down on drinking, particularly during the week, but it will also make you more aware of how often you drink.

Meet friends in no-booze spaces

It’s 5 PM on a Thursday. You get the message – “Pub?”. Tell your friends you’re on this journey and ask them to meet you spots that aren’t focused on alcohol. It’ll be difficult particularly if you don’t live in a big city but it will also give you the incentive to explore new locations. Turn that Thursday pub sesh into a mini golf evening. Equally as fun but with no booze needed.

Try the alternatives

You can’t always escape an excursion to the pub so when you are in your local find a soft drink that works for you. There are many alcohol alternatives on the market – from non-alcoholic beer in the form of Becks Blue to faux gin from Seedlip. Give them a go. You might even discover they are nicer than a luke-warm glass of Barefoot wine.

Be realistic

Spoiler alert: you will break and have a many drinks. Is that a problem? Of course not. Set realistic goals and be kind to yourself. If you know you’ve got an event on the weekend where a glass of wine is required (see: family event) then make peace with your decision and aim to add a no-booze day in next week.