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What even is self-care?

Self-care really is the best form of self-love, but where do we even begin? Self-care is the simple act of looking after one’s self. And the best part is you don’t even have to spend a penny.

The phrase “self-care” will mean something different for everyone. To some, it might be saying no to going out in exchange for lying on the sofa in your sweats eating noodles. To another, it might be taking a night out of family responsibilities to finally have those drinks with the girls. It’s all about you; listening in and honouring exactly what it is your mind, body, and soul needs.

The problem is with anything that hits the headlines as being ‘the next best thing’ for our wellbeing it’s not long before beauty brands have caught the scent of it. Quick to tempt us with extravagant products, with equally extravagant price tags and in the name of answering all our ‘selfcare’ prayers. Sure, It might be nice one evening to treat ourselves to a face mask or an aromatic bath soak. But it’s knowing that face mask doesn’t have to cost the earth; the bath soak doesn’t require salts from the sacred beaches of a far-off land and you absolutely do not need that £50 candle to have a chilled night in.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s ok to splash the cash on yourself every now and then. We deserve it! But that’s not what self-care is about. A good place to start is looking at your daily/weekly habits and seeing which ones aren’t doing you any good. Let’s say that third cup of coffee before 10 AM. Why not trade it in for a fancy box of teas? Overdoing it at the gym? Switch it up one evening with a relaxing yoga class. Too many late nights at the office. Commit an evening to cooking a nice dinner with a loved one instead. You get the picture.

And hey, once in a while why not book that massage you’ve been saying you’ll get for months. Go spend a lunch break out of the office getting your nails done, just because. It doesn’t have to have a reason or cause, you don’t need to have a justification. Self-care is about empowerment. Taking some time back for you and knowing it’s totally ok.

I hereby give you permission to do whatever it takes to feel you again. If you want a few chocolate biccies and cup of tea with your mum because you’ve had a stressful week and need some headspace; then get the kettle on! Treating yourself like the goddess you truly are once in awhile. That’s self-care.