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Ways to avoid germs at the gym

Everyone is ill. Red noses, sniffs, sneezes, and coughs; they are everywhere. Hand-san might help you on the tube but you can hardly crack out your 1-litre bottle of Purell at the gym. So, what do you do if you want to avoid a cold? Avoid the germs, here’s how.

Wash Your Bag

Your gym bag is a breeding ground for germs. Post-workout gym clothes are literally gross and then you shove them in a small, warm bag? No, thanks. As soon as you get home, get your clothes out and wipe your bag down. Or, get a vinyl or plastic bag as germs are less likely to adhere to those materials.

Get Rid of Your Bottle

When you stop and think about it, water bottles are pretty nasty. Like, imagine using the same mug for a week without washing it *shudders*. Avoid water bottles with built-in straws. Instead, use a widemouthed metal bottle and wash it when you remember every day. Your water will taste so fresh, so clean.

Get Outta the Pool

Fun fact: pools are nasty. Another fun fact: chlorine releases that smell when it reacts with germs, meaning if you can smell chlorine the pool is dirty. WHO KNEW?!

Shower at Home

Look, we realise this is excessive but if you’re worried about getting ill it’s best to shower at home.  Or, at the very least, shove a pair of flip-flops of while you enter the chamber of spores aka the showers.