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5 of the best yoga studios in London

Whether you know your Anusara from your Ashtanga or you are getting into the ancient act, there’s a yoga class for you. Escape the hustle ’n’ bustle of the Capital and find a perfect place to centre yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually.


One of the new kids on the block, ChromaYoga blends light and colour therapy, soundscapes, and natural scents to bring you a more augmented yoga experience. It’s ancient techniques for the modern age. Classes are colour coded, with each colour having their own unique benefits. Trouble sleeping? Try the yellow class. Feeling down during the wintertime? Give the blue class a go.


Just a stroll from Dalston Kingsland Overground lies Yoke, a bright and beautiful space for yogis of all abilities. Choose from the classic Vinyasa yoga or try something a more adventurous like the Rocket Flow classes, a fast and playful class with its roots in Ashtanga. Classes are inexpensive and are at great times for those with busy work schedules.

Credit: Yoke

Hotpod Yoga

Want to try something a bit different? Give Hotpod Yoga a go. The classes are rooted in vinyasa flow yoga (classes that flow from one pose to the next without stopping) but houses in a, you guessed it, hot pod. Prepare to get sweaty as the pod heats up to 38 degrees and cleanses you of all your toxins. It’s challenging but still suitable for beginnings who want to sweat out the alcohol from the night before.

Power Yoga Company

These guys are London’s first Power Yoga studio. What is Power Yoga? It is a dynamic class of postures design to improve strength and flexibility. It aims to gain muscle, improve sleep, boost energy, and even fight anxiety. The classes varied according to experience and the environment is always fun and welcoming. Don’t want to try Power Yoga? No problem, they also provide a handful of other yoga classes like Flow & Restore and Yin Yoga.

Stretch London

Yoga can feel a bit intimidating for new yogis, especially with all those strange names for poses. What the hell is a Half Lord of the Fishes Pose anyway?! Luckily, Stretch London is free stuffy dogma. The relaxed environment is great for people of all abilities. Classes range from Dynamic, Strong, Flow, and Yin Yoga, to non-yoga classes like TRX and HIIT.