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5 places to get back to yourself this January

As the January blues rear their ugly head again we take a look at how you can make the endless month a little less painful. Whether you’re using this time to kick-start your metabolism, find a new hobby, or simply calm your mind after a manic December, we’ve got you covered.

Engine Room

Rowing machines are making a comeback. No longer will they be shrouded in dust at the gym – they demand attention, and for good reason. Rowing is the full-body workout which uses almost every muscle in your body. That’s where Engine Room comes in. Located near Regent’s Park, this is the latest fitness space to offer gamified fitness with large screens that allow you to compete with yourself or others. Move over, spinning. It’s time for rowing to have a re-birth.

Credit: FLY LDN


Upgrade your yoga this year with cinematic visuals. Wait, what? That’s right, flow through your vinyasa in front of a screen showing stunning visuals. The self-described ‘non-yogi yoga’ space is cutting through the noise with their simple timetable – pilates, flow, and low-impact classes. Give it a go for a tenner and see if a background of rolling mountains with fluffy clouds makes you feel like yourself again.

Psychedelic Gong Bath

Was Christmas so traumatic that yoga is just not cutting it? We’ve got you. Push it a little further with a gong bath and not just a regular gong bath, a psychedelic one. No pills or potions here, just bring your brain to The Round Chapel at Hackney for two hours of darkness, gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, and overtone singing. No gong bath on this month? No problem – organisers The Psychedelic Society host a number of weird and wonderful events regularly for your fix of deep connection.

Hotpod Yoga

Another yoga joint but this one’s a bit different. The classes are rooted in vinyasa flow yoga (classes that flow from one pose to the next without stopping) but houses in a, you guessed it, hot pod. Prepare to get sweaty as the pod heats up to 38 degrees and cleanses you of all your toxins. It’s challenging but still suitable for beginnings who want to sweat out the alcohol from the Xmas sesh.

Epping Forest Oak Trail

Coming in at a cool seven miles, the Epping Forest Oak Trail has long been one of our favourites walks – partly because of how handy it is. It’s truly a way to feel like you’re getting out of London without actually getting out of London. Starting at Theydon Bois, you’ll head out of town, passing the black fallow deer sanctuary, old Iron Age fort ruins at Ambresbury Banks, and finally the conservation grazing of the Great Gregories. A big Winter walk will get anyone feeling zen AF.