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5 tips for better running

Whether you’re a serious runner or just someone who is guilted into a jog to get rid of a hangover, there are a number of steps you can take (pun intended) to improve your technique. Here are just a few.

Stop running on an empty stomach

Some people swear by running on an empty stomach but if you’re running for over an hour you shouldn’t be leaving the house without having a snack before. That is not to say you can have a Mars bar whilst tieing up your shoelaces. Before you run make you a wholesome snack like a banana on a slice of toast. Throw some peanut butter in there if you’re feeling funky but be sure to wait at least 90 minutes before you start your run.

Perfect your strides

According to Shape.com, long strides drain your energy. To avoid inefficient strides, stand tall and lean forward – when you feel like you’re going to fall step forward. That is the perfect length for your stride. It might sound a bit Michael Jackson a la Smooth Criminal but give it a try, it might make you a more efficient runner.

Warm up, cool down

Everyone knows to warm up and cool down but still so many people skip it in favour of getting the run started. Neglecting a warm up will likely result in a stitch and forgetting to cool down will leave you tense. No one wants to be in pain after a run – just try sitting down on the loo –  so don’t forget to cool down.

New shoes

As if you needed a reason to cop those new trainers you’ve had bookmarked for 2 months. Well, if you did need some incentive here we are to tell you that a new pair of trainers could help you improve your run. You should be buying new shoes every 400 miles or so depending on the terrain. Any more and your shoes lose their stability. Go on, add them all to your cart.

Vary your pace

Ever heard of fartleks training? It means “speed play” which basically means fast running mixed with periods of slower running.  The point of it? To build up speed and endurance. Plus, it keeps it more interesting for you as a runner to portion your time into two parts rather than just solidly running for an hour.