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Get the most from your spin classes

We all love a good spin class. It’s the perf workout to burn a huge amount of calories whilst feeling like you’re in a club. Who doesn’t love that combo?! But at nearly £30 a pop, are you really getting the most from your spin classes? We take a closer look…

Don’t Leave Early

It can be tempting to jump off your bike during the cool down and beat the shower queues, but you’re wasting your £££. Unless you have to dash, stay in your seat and cool your muscles down after an intense workout. It’s better for your mind, body, and pocket.

Speak to the Instructor

Take a minute at the beginning or end of the class to chat with the instructor. Whether you wanna have a gossip about the guy in bike 12 or want to improve your form, instructors value one-on-one time with riders. Touching base with instructors will help you take your workout to the next level. Tell them your fitness goals and they’ll help you get the most out of your ride. You might be riding wrong without realise it!

Saddle Up Correctly

We know you’re a busy gal about town but arriving early to saddle up is essential. We’ve all had a spin class where the seat is too high, the handlebars are too far away, and you can’t clip into the bike properly. Get their 10 mins early and ease yourself into the workout by saddling up. It will give you time to chat with those around you too.

Don’t Cheat

We’ve all been there. The instructor tells you to turn your resistance up and you do… a little bit. Don’t cheat yourself, whack up that resistance! After all, #NewYearNewYou, babe.