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HIIT it hard with these intense classes

Sometimes you want a restorative and refreshing class and other times you want to work so hard that you sweat out every toxin and be left aching for days. There’s a balance. If you fancy the former, we suggest taking a read of our article, “5 of the Best Yoga Studios in London”. But, since you tapped this article we’re guessing you want to HIIT it hard.


This uber chic and minimalistic gym in Clapton used to be a Victoria Tram Depot. Now it’s home to some of the best HIIT classes in London. With a huge range of instructors and styles, you’ll never get bored of BLOK’s HIIT workouts. They claim it’ll satisfy the time-poor and adrenaline-hungry out. Its true, there isn’t a dry forehead in sight.

METHOD Movement

METHOD’s HIIT classes claim to help you increase power, push past your boundaries, and improve your athleticism. They feature 12 rounds and give you a little freedom on your start time whilst ensuring you get the most from the time you put in. They even do an Express Method class if you fancy a lunchtime HIIT!

Credit: Psycle

Image Credit: Psycle


Psycle might not be known for HIIT but their new Shoreditch location is offering 50-minutes classes that put an emphasis on fun. Designed for all levels, the class combines strength, HIIT, TRX, and more to get the most out of the session. Not only will you build strength, you’ll build confidence too thanks to their encouraging instructors.


This super friendly gym is located in Tower Hill and Imperial Wharf includes two HIIT classes in their schedule: MetCon 45 and Metabolic Conditioning. The former is a 45-minutes full body workout while the latter is a combo of cardio, body weight, dynamic, and volume strength training. Start your cardiovascular engine, you’ll be running on full steam.

Metabolic London

Build strength, strip fat, and burn up to 1000 calories. That’s what Metabolic London are offering with their Signature and Quick HIIT classes. They believe that the combination of strength exercises and HIIT will get fat burning results in no time. These classes are not for the faint-hearted; they will test your skills, strength, and patience!