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Is this new form of yoga worth your salt?

We’ve just about seen it all – beer yoga, metal yoga, dog yoga – can we possibly have another yoga fad? Well, apparently so. This time it’s a little something called Salt Yoga. Think hot yoga but this time with pure salt – pink and white Himalayan, obvs – aerating around the room.

Apparently, salt is beneficial to the body when inhaled. The warm room heats the salt up and creates a vapour which gets rid of those pesky toxins. It makes sense, salt has been known for its anti-inflammatory properties for centuries. Oh, whats that? You’ve 4th chakra needs retuning? No problem, salt yoga apparently does that too.

Credit: Salty Yoga 

One of the most popular providers of this new trend is Salty Yoga, in Elephant & Castle. These guys claim that the salt helps to detoxify the respiratory system by focusing on freeing up the lungs and entire thoracic cavity. But, be warned, the classes can make you thirsty for hours afterward so keep your fluid intake high (no, a G&T does not count).

But are the benefits substantiated? We’ll have to ask a scientist for that but what we do know for sure is that everyone that attends a salty yoga class leaves feeling refreshed. And for £9 a session, it’s a cheap option for those who to try different types of classes out.